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I seem to have been sued by CACV of Colorado and never knew a thing about it. They sued me back in 2005 and I never knew a thing until I just tried to get a loan for my first house.

I to did a Google search for this company and found all sorts of law suite against them and them against other consumers. I'm sorry but for a company to be able to sue someone and the person not to be notified is totally uncalled for. This so called government that we live under and support needs to get their *** in gear and step up to plate and stop these crooks.

Just my opinion.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I 've been hit by them too. My account was charged off with a zero balance.

Then after three months they reopened it and sued me. But i know God is on their trail.

They have to spend eternity somewhere for all the dirt they are doing. What do it profit a man to gain the whole world and die and lose his soul.

to Ronald San Diego, California, United States #611539

Interesting how you chose that quote out of the bible but did not choose Roman's 13:7 - 13:8


cacv of colorado just to over 500.00 out of my bank account and I dont know who they are and I dont owe anybody money this was my bill money and now the bank has a hold on it to send to them how do I stop this?

Brookeville, Maryland, United States #21703

Don't feel all alone here on this! I too have been victimised by the crooked a??es! They use so called "lawyers" as robots to carry out their crooked work. Lawyers who couldn't find work with a respectable law firm. Beware of this one: Christopher R. DeLoney


421 East Airport Freeway Suite 115

Irving, TX 75062 They are as disgusting as CACV themselves!

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