i just found out that cacv of colorado has a lien filed against my property for 9381.00, i was never informed my them that they were filing the lien and now that i'm selling the house i have to pay them before i can close escrow. this company is the most vile and disgusting group i have ever come across in my forty plus years in business.

they should be put out of business. Perhaps a class action law suit against this company is in order.

if enough of us can get this going maybe we can get our money back. thank you.

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Greeneville, Tennessee, United States #1314134

Does anyone know cacv"s


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1184942

to be honest I agree with u. im going through something now my name burt smith email burtsmith2001@yahoo.com if u serious hit me up

Arlington, Virginia, United States #958824

I'm all for a class action case. They could even tell us who the original creditor was because it was not on my credit report.


My farher was very sick and then passed. My mother was mentally ill and this company put liens on her house with interest compounding on the lien of 26.99%.

I don't think they were aware. but how can an original small credit card bill that original company wrote off and sold pennies on the dollar compound to such high amounts legally ? From 3600.

To 18,000.00 and judge allows it in phoenix. How true that we live in a wicked generation


I would definitely start a class action law suit again this company!!!! If there is anyone out there who does this, reply here! I am sure enough people would do it.


Midland Llc funding sued my wife for a Citibank credit card debt that was past the statue of limitations and got a default judgement because we were never legally served nor did we even know about the trial. The first we heard about it was when they garnished her pay. At that point it was a year after the court case and a worthless lawyer charged us $800 just to tell us to pay them.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #243330

Pay your bills crybaby and things like this wont happen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to sue them because your another worthless deadbeat that dosent PAY THEIR BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

to me Los Angeles, California, United States #915665

Shame on YOU! You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about!!Or who you are talking to!

Easy for you to say "just pay your bills and stop crying about it" Excuse me!?

I DO! Even living on a fixed income!

You are missing the point, it must be do to your ignorance...I (we) we're never properly served!

Do you know what that is and/or how that works in the state of California anyway?

SHAME ON YOU, do not judge others. I am not going to waist my time with you any more,

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